Frequently Asked Questions

Why are other supplement brands keeping so many secrets?

Hey, can you blame them? The truth can be brutal! It's no secret that your supplement brand shies away from the critical issue of absorption. Trying to explain the gut's 20-30 minute waiting game is like running into your good-looking ex in public - awkward! But not for Solid!

We've got nothing to hide! With the world's most advanced and proven supplement absorption, we won't shy away from any ex - no matter how good-looking they are! So next time you bump into your old supplement brand, let them know you're hurt but forgiving. You just won't be able to see them ever again! It's time to level up with Solid and leave the exes in the past!

What makes Solid such a difference maker in supplementation?

Now there is no more bottle juggling, scooping mishaps, powder-covered dry-scoop face, sugar-filled gummies, useless pills, or gut-busting drinks! Solid's got your back with the ultimate convenience. Say adios to the bathroom sprints and liver stress. By bypassing the gut completely, Solid checks all the boxes for easy-peasy convenience and effectiveness! Say hello to supplement bliss!

Does tasting this good really make Solid more effective as well?

Who knew that saliva could be such a hard worker? Solid's delicious flavors are designed to pack a punch and get those salivary glands working overtime. The more our salivary, sublingual and submucosal glands are activated, the more absorption is able to take place within the mouth. So go ahead, reward your hard-working spit with some more Solid. It's like a flavor explosion that even your saliva glands can't resist! Who knew spit could work so hard and have so much fun?

Where do I find more information about intra-oral absorption?

The SOLID SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY page is packed with clinical studies, articles, and scientific reviews on the revolutionary science behind Solid.

What are the best ways to consume Solid supplements?

The superior science of Solid makes it possible to vary your Solid experience. We know variety is the spice of life. Some people just follow what the packaging says, letting a single round absorb 5-10 minutes. Others prefer to absorb Solid longer, maximizing effects, benefits and enjoyment. Some brave souls allow a round to absorb for a little bit, then break it into smaller pieces and allow those to absorb anywhere throughout the mouth. Go ahead, customize your Solid experience and make every moment a mouthwatering masterpiece!

What is Nutrient Density Technology?

Get ready for true innovation with Solid's exclusive Nutrient Density Technology (NDT)! We've kicked out all the fillers, sugars, binders, and useless additives to deliver more active ingredients (and mind-blowing taste) than any existing supplement delivery. Say goodbye to the old-school nutrient delivery methods, because Solid's NDT has revolutionized your supplement game!

With Solid's superior absorption science and our top-secret NDT, your body now gets more of the nutrients it wants, faster AND more effectively than ever before. It's like a VIP express lane for your body's nutritional needs. Say hello to nutrient innovation!

Is Solid gluten free?


Is Solid vegan friendly?

Yes again!

Is Solid non-GMO?

Yes once more! (Are you picking up on the pattern here?)

How do I find out more about working with Solid?

Thank you for swiping right... we think you're cute too! Just email and let’s get to know each other better. Spoiler alert... we are definitely marriage material!