Amino Recovery | 80 Rounds

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Leucine | 625 mg
Isoleucine | 625 mg
Valine | 625 mg
L-Glutamine | 1000 mg


SOLID® has the world's first supplements that dissolve in your mouth. You receive 3-10X the amount of absorption by SOLID® rounds absorbing instantly and dissolving slowly through the lining of the mouth, directly into your bloodstream. It has the perfect blend of ingredients. Now there's no more inconvenience of messy powders, chugging shaker bottles, unneeded bathroom breaks and other unwanted GI issues. More absorption. Quicker absorption. Zero prep. 

How to Use

Enjoy 1 round at a time, allowing each to absorb for 5-20 minutes on top of tongue or between cheeks and gums. Allow to absorb for longer if desired. To assess tolerance, begin with 1 round. Gradually increase to 4 rounds as desired (one at a time). Enjoy!

Shipping Information

Our on-line store is open 24/7 and we ship Monday through Friday, excluding some holidays. Orders received for products without shipping delays will ship within 3 business days.

About Us

Solid is the worlds most convenient AND worlds most efficient supplement delivery. Patent pending and proprietary. We agree… that’s kind of a big deal.

If you want less convenient, we get it — spilling your current stuff does make for some good stories.

If you want less efficient, go for it. You’re probably taking too much anyway — so let most of it go right through you.

But if you want the worlds best, you found it.







Leucine | 625 mg

Isoleucine | 625 mg

Valine | 625 mg

L-Glutamine | 1000 mg


When you swallow supplements from those other guys, they want to load the label with as much as they can since they know up to 90% of their product is lost, filtered out and wasted in the digestion process.

Buccal absorption takes place directly into the bloodstream and is 3-10X greater than gut-absorbed products that you swallow.

So now you know exactly what you’re getting instead of left being left wondering how much you are losing.

How we have Innovated

Solid Other Brands
Up to 10 times the absorption
Science-backed absorption studies
Enters bloodstream immediately
Bypasses the gut completely
No need to stir, mix or shake

Time to Learn 🧑‍🏫

Q1: Powder Sucks

Doesn't it work just as well putting powder straight into my mouth?

No. Don’t tell us you’re one of THOSE people. Even when powder is not mixed in water, it is still swallowed down through the GI tract where it goes through the same 30-minute digestive and filtration process as the mixed method. So, if you want the same awful absorption while also looking silly trying not to choke down your precious powder… you do you boo-boo! You just better hope your gym crush is nice enough to let you know when you have a little something on your face.

Q2: Save Your Liver

Is mixing and drinking supplements really destroying my liver?

Yes. You bet your boots! Hepatoxicity and chemically induced liver damage go hand-in-hand with drinking powder mixes, energy drinks and other popular energy and hydration supplements. So, if that’s the type of toxic relationship you’re looking for – be faithful to that shaker bottle, because it’s a match made in heaven! But if you’re trying not to destroy your precious organs from the inside out, just remember, winners suck, losers swallow.

Q3: Electrolyte Secrets

Are electrolytes best mixed in water to help hydrate?

No. Drinking water is a great way to get water. Drinking water is the worst way to get electrolytes! Getting electrolytes into the stomach makes zero difference. The goal is to get as much of those electrolytes as possible into the bloodstream. So, if you’re trying to uselessly fill your gut and feel like a water balloon, then drink away! But if your goal is to absorb as much electrolytes as possible, you have to skip the gut completely and absorb directly into the bloodstream… instantly.

Q4: Question Everything

Can Google really teach me everything supplement companies DON’T want me to know?

Yes. Isn’t that handy? Make sure you sit down and buckle in though – because once you type hepatic first pass metabolism, you’re in for a wild ride! Presystemic metabolism and extensive biotransformation through the liver to drastically reduce the bioavailability of your expensive products is no joke! But we’ll leave all that official talk to the experts (check it out for yourself). Hopefully we’ve been keeping our hands and feet inside at all times while these companies have enjoyed taking us for a ride!

Reviews from people just like you

We tried to film something about the downsides of SOLID®...

The silence eventually got awkward.

Love From The Homies

S. Watson

College Fratboy

If I'm gonna chug something, it better be a damn beer, not my pre-workout. [Inappropriate joke about intra-oral absorption has been removed.]

W. Pratt

Definitely Not A Scientist

To be honest, I don't really know what aminos are... but I can tell you that without them, my gym routine is non-existent, and I quickly become one with my couch.

E. James


These are like combining the intensity of David Goggins with the scientific prowess of Neil Degrasse Tyson. Powerful. In your face. Smart as hell with science.

M. Parker

Accomplished Husband

My wife forbid me from using any more powders after "The Incident." Solid is totally spill proof and mess proof... In fact, I literally ate one I found under seat yesterday.

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