The Electrolytes that dissolve in your mouth

World's Best Hydration With Immediate Absorption

World's Most Convenient

Zero prep. Zero Wait.
Just pop a delicious, dissolvable round in your cheek and experience near-instant hydration. Pack it in your purse or pocket, kiss your powdered electrolytes goodbye, and start experiencing real hydration.

Absorbs Instantly, Dissolves Slowly ⏱️

Solid® is the only supplement product that both ABSORBS IMMEDIATELY through buccal tissue and DISSOLVES SLOWLY for consistent supplement delivery. Slow dissolve time is a good thing, we did that on purpose, lucky you! 😄

3-10X More Nutrient Absorption

Solid® delivers your electrolytes directly to the bloodstream allowing you to absorb 3-10x more nutrients.

So unless you’re injecting your supplements, this is the most direct and effective delivery system on the planet and you’ll only find it here.

Convenient, compact, concentrated

Solid® Electrolytes have the perfect balance of ingredients for optimal hydration, improving performance and endurance without powder mixes.

Dextrose, Potassium, Sodium

What makes solid® different?





Electrolytes that help you hydrate, not urinate

Stop peeing out your electrolytes and start hydrating properly with Solid®. After hydrating with Solid®, you will never go back.

Is Solid® Underdosed?

When you swallow supplements from those other guys, they want to load the label with as much as they can since they know up to 90% of their product is lost, filtered out and wasted in the digestion process.

Buccal absorption takes place directly into the bloodstream and is 3-10X greater than gut-absorbed products that you swallow.

So now you know exactly what you’re getting instead of left being left wondering how much you are losing.

Real People. Real Results. 😄

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Electrolyte Lemon Lime and Grape- Become Solid

Hydration Station

Need electrolytes fast? Next to an IV, this is your best shot.
Pre-Workout Berry Lemonade and Peach Mango- Become Solid

Your not so “pre” workout

Can you call it a pre workout if you don't have to wait for it to kick in?
Amino Recovery Sour melon and Blue Razz- Become Solid

Amino Rest & Recover

You've been working hard, give your body some much needed Amino Recovery. You deserve it.